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Putting Students First is Jennifer's priority and drives her desire to serve the Olentangy School District. 

 “There is no greater responsibility than advocating on behalf of our students,” says Feucht.   Feucht is a strong supporter of district transparency, financial and professional accountability, protection of parental rights and above all, putting students first in all decisions made by district leadership.  “Our community deserves open and honest communication.  Our taxpayers deserve responsible financial practices and professional accountability. Our parents deserve to be the strongest influence in their child’s educational development.  Most of all our students deserve to be put first,” said Feucht. 

  • ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE - Continue to support academic excellence which Olentangy is known for by preparing our students to be ready to flourish in a competitive job market.  Advocate for education that will support rigorous academics including fiscal literacy and help students to identify and grow their natural talents and abilities. Advocate for cultural awareness and global understanding while preserving education of American values that have served as a strong foundation for intellectual freedom and discovery.
  • FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY - Olentangy is one of the fastest growing districts in the Midwest and will continue to face growing pains in coming years.  I will fight for fair funding for our district, advocate against wasteful spending & support working in collaboration with the local community for smart development of the area so that we can begin to reduce the tax burden on local residents. 
  • ACCOUNTABILITY - Olentangy has put into place solid, proven board policies that foster maximum learning for every student while maintaining the integrity of the educational process.  I will advocate that these policies be followed considering materials that may be deemed controversial and continue to support the transparency efforts of our district to ensure that parents, teachers and students have the opportunity to work together collaboratively to achieve the best outcomes. 

    A 26-year advertising & marketing veteran & project manager I offer a unique skill set of successfully working in collaboration with a variety of team members & viewpoints. My ability to bring together the best team members, identify best practices, build consensus, and execute on a plan will serve as a true asset to the board and our Olentangy community.

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